Quarry Rock

Quarry Rock Wines

Established in 2000, Quarry Rock offers a boutique range of wines, based in the heart of South Canterbury.

Traditional wine making methods source grapes from an ever growing variety of carefully chosen vineyards in the Canterbury and Otago regions of New Zealand's South Island.

Quarry Rock Vineyard Como Villa

Quarry Rock, Blue Stone vineyard

Established in 2000, the Blue Stone vineyard of Quarry Rock Wines is a sunny, frost free vineyard sheltered by a quarry rock face and overlooking bright green pastures.

Como Villa Vineyard

Como Villa was established in 1860 being one of the original estates in Central Otago.

The site has proven an idyllic location for a vineyard combining the special characters of this regions harsh winter and hot dry summer to produce a rich ruby grape that grows amongst some of the best in the world.